This beautiful horse, used for our logo, came from PTC #9


WANTED – PTC #9 or Conneaut Lake carousel horse.

(Or another horse showing roots to Conneaut Lake, Euclid Beach or Cedar Point).
Mid-range budget. 

Below are some other figures customers have asked about:

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARock Springs Muller Jumper
  • Heyn Donkey
  • Ayers Rocking Horse
  • Early 1900s-1910 Illions
  • Herschell Spillman Frog
  • Happyland-carousel-PTC-shield-jumperEarly PTC Jumper similar to the Happyland jumper (shown left)
  • Circa 1910-1920 PTC inside row jumper(s)
  • French/Bayol or other European Hippocampus
  • Bayol Donkey or Cat
  • Flying Mane Illions
  • Roached Mane Dentzel (bare)
  • PTC #21 or other Savin Rock, CT history horse.
  • Simple inside jumper from Skylon Towers.
  • Baby Parker or
  • An OC Buckcarved horse.
  • This specific Illions jumper (shown left), was lost years ago in a divorce. Shown here in amateur paint. The previous owner would like to buy the horse back if it can be located.

If you are seeking a specific figure, please let us know.